The Laboratory LACGAA at the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar organizes a conference to celebrate the many scientific achievements of Professor ElAmin Kaidi.   Kaidi’s contribution is important in various areas of mathematics in particular Functional Analysis, Rings and Modules Theory and Non-associative Algebras.    The speakers are leaders in those fields and include some of Amin Kaidi’s former students and numerous co-authors.

The objective of this  Conference  is to bring together pure/applied mathematicians , with common interest for Algebra, Functional Analysis and Applications. The topics of the conference focus on the Non-commutative Algebras, the Non-associative Algebras,  the Operator Theory and the Rings and Modules Theory. These themes are relevant in research and development in coding theory, cryptography and quantum mechanics…



1- Non-Commutative Algebras.

2- Non-Associative Algebras.

3- Operator Theory and Normed Algebras.

4- Rings and Modules Theory.



General Chairs

Program Chairs

Organizing chairs

-Mamadou Sangharé -Mercedes Siles Molina -Laila Mesmoudi
-Antonio Campillo -Cheikh T. Gueye -Ismaila Diouf



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